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Jeanette Maier-Lytle, CPA, MBA

I am an accounting instructor, case study coach, and co-originator of Hug Alliance.  I have experienced struggles with depression, grief, stress, poverty, child rearing, addictions and broken relationships.  I have attended several spiritual conferences and actively engage in community outreach programs.  I offer counseling in mental health, finances and spirituality.  I am answering my call to offer others hope in overcoming their distressed circumstances.

Brian Ensor

I graduated at the University of Southern Indiana and am a member of Hug Alliance. I have experienced struggles in life with stress, grief, unemployment, & my heath. I believe my faith in God and my experience in overcoming various obstacles within my life provide me with the necessary tools I need to help others. 

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Kyle Hoeing, CPA

I am the Chair of Hug Alliance. I work full time at BKD. I'm involved with Hug Alliance, because I believe its mission and vision meet my core values as a person. I have experienced obstacles in life dealing with grief and stress. I believe those experiences have provided me with the strength & wisdom to help others.

Joshua Beiriger

Joshua Beiriger works full time at SS&C. His fields of expertise include Accounting, Finance, and Marketing. He enjoys playing guitar, traveling, socializing with friends and keeping busy with school, work and extracurricular activities.

Kelsey Welp, CISM

I am on the Board of Directors for HUG Alliance. I graduated at University of Southern Indiana with a Bachelors Degree in CIS & now work full time. I am involved with Hug Alliance, because I truly believe in its mission "healing thru giving". I believe we grow as individuals and are at our strongest when we come together as a team to learn, to understand, and to help each other when in need.

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