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Volunteer Opportunities

"We believe people find greater healing when they focus on giving to a greater cause."



A director is responsible for the control and management of the affairs and operations of Hug Alliance, Inc. and exercises all duties and powers as defined in the Bylaws.

Life Coach

A life coach is responsible for assisting clients that have found themselves in a period of distress and are in need of spiritual, physical or emotional support. 


A volunteer has the opportunity to assist with any number of activities. A list of activities includes, but is not limited to, fundraising, planning community events, moderating support groups, preparing and/or locating resource materials, working at community events, developing social media platforms, etc.

Volunteer Forms

HUG Alliance, Inc. is currently searching for individuals who can assist with HUG's mission.


If interested in applying for an opportunity to serve in some capacity, please complete the attached form and send to Jeanette Maier-Lytle via email:  

HUG Alliance, Inc. Volunteer Application

PDF Version

HUG Alliance, Inc. Volunteer Application

Microsoft Word Version

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