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2018 Sponsored Event

"Why the Last 20 Minutes of the Day Matter" with Andrew Newman

On April 11, 2018, Andrew Newman, author and entrepreneur, spoke to approximately 250 students at the University of Southern Indiana (USI) on “Why the Last 20 Minutes of the Day Matter.” His presentation included a discussion on life philosophy and conscious business practices. The event was co-sponsored by Hug Alliance and the Romain College of Business.

Newman was born into a fourth-generation family jewelry business in South Africa. However, when his life-long stability fell away overnight, he turned to spiritual inquiry, studying healing, psychology and personal development. Today Newman balances the worlds of entrepreneur and teacher, creating a healthy, mission-aligned business that serves the world on a personal, local, and global scale. He is the founder of the Conscious Bedtime Story Club and is the author of numerous children's books including The Boy Who Searched for Silence and The Hug Who Got Stuck.

Hug Alliance's 2018 Art Auction 

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